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Las Vegas Monorail Updates

The Mecca of gambling in the states. No matter where you have gambled, until you have visited Las Vegas you will not know what you have missed. Occasionally you may hear about how nice a certain hotel is in some city. In Vegas you will find 15 or 20 of those types of hotels. You don't go to Vegas for just the gambling, but for the variety of shows, hotel decor and of course the people watching. If you have not been to Las Vegas, or if it has been a few years, you are in for a surprise. Because of the number of companies that provide packages to Las Vegas we prefer to do comaprative shopping using at least 3 providers from your area. After reviewing our hotel list,select the hotels you are interested in pricing and go to the price request form.

Popular Cities & Areas

Boulder City*

Grand Canyon


Las Vegas

Lake Las Vegas

Lake Mead




Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC). The new service featured, known as the Deuce, has 40-foot-long buses that can accommodate 53 passengers on the upper deck and 27 passengers on the lower deck with room for 17 people to stand; there also is space for two wheelchairs. The vehicles will make a 17.25-mile loop, which includes 73 stops, along the Strip, from the South Strip Transfer Terminal at the south end of the Strip to the Downtown Transportation Center at the north end of the Strip. Tickets can be purchased on buses and, starting in December 2005, at Deuce ticket vending machines located at each bus stop on the Strip. A day pass will cost $5, and a one-ride ticket will cost $2. Through Nov. 30, a monthly pass will cost $30. On Dec. 1, the price will increase to $40.

It is important to know that you do not have to be a big time gambler to have a good time in Vegas.

Pricing and best times to go to Las Vegas usually are during the middle of the week. The hotel prices go down on Sunday (unless there is a convention or other event) and stay down through Wednesday.

For information on children travelling alone go to our facts page.

Some useless facts. The following facts are for the year 2000. 35 million people visited Vegas,there are 125,000 hotel rooms available and they are occupied almost 90%of the time. The average person spent about 171.00 for food and drink, 559.00 for gaming, 67.00 per night for the hotel room and spent about 4 hours per day gambling! Also DO not forget theLas Vegas Wedding Capital Chapels & Informations.

Little Chapel of the Flowers


JAN 56 32

FEB 62 37

MAR 68 42

APR 78 50

MAY 88 59

JUN 98 68

JUL 104 75

AUG 102 73

SEP 94 65

OCT 81 53

NOV 66 40

DEC 57 33

If you were to spell out numbers, how far would you have to go until you would find the letter "A"? … one thousand!

The courthouse was the site of several historical court cases, including the Kefauver Senate hearings on organized crime in the early 1950s.

A flashy monument to giddy excess, Las Vegas is the place to escape from all sense of convention and restraint. A long way from its origins as a middle-of-nowhere railway stopover, Nevada's legalization of gambling, in 1931, catapulted Las Vegas into its fate as the nucleus of the gaming world. Known by all as "The Gambling and Entertainment Capital of the World," in recent years the attractions have expanded to include theme parks, family activities, excellent shopping, spas, and world-class golfing.

Nonetheless, it's still the lure of bright lights and easy money that keeps 'em coming. The whole world comes to Vegas to let loose and, in turn, you find yourself happily lost in a surreal replica of skylines from all the great cities of the earth. From Manhattan, to Venice, to the Pyramids, every corner you turn transports you someplace else. If you didn't know better, you might think it was just some strange desert mirage - and Elvis might still be in the building!

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Canyon Country
From $2,799.00 (USD)

Experience America's canyons and venture through a world of colorful vistas and the neon-lit spectacle of Las Vegas. Take time to shop in Sedona's marketplace and travel through Kaibab National Forest.

Spirit of the Desert: The National Parks of the Southwest
From $6,990.00 (USD)

Experience six national parks over the course of 10 days as you explore the American Southwest.

America's Canyonlands
From $4,590.00 (USD)

Explore both the natural and human history of the great Southwest with visits to Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park and the magnificent Grand Canyon - by raft, plane, yacht and boat, with stays at inside-the-park lodges and hotels.

Red Rocks & Painted Canyons
From $4,790.00 (USD)

Have fun exploring Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Zion national parks from classic inside-the-park lodges, as well as Lake Powell, Sedona, Kanab and Las Vegas, on our fun-filled family vacation.

Spirit of the Desert: The National Parks of the Southwest
From $6,490.00 (USD)

Experience six national parks over the course of 10 days as you explore the American Southwest.
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