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General Information
General Information

In order to get the most out of our communications, the following information is provided so we
do not have to go through a series of emails just to get our terms, policies and procedures correct.
We have also included some FAQs….

A tour company is usually a national or local company that packages air, land, cars and
tours together then resells them usually through a travel agent. Minimum stay
requirements apply, usually 2 nights.

A booking is a reservation that has been paid for or has a deposit placed upon it. A
reservation holds the air/hotel for a limited time, with no guarantee of price.

Charter air is the term we use for an air carrier (usually sold thru a tour company) that
provides air service to the destinations we service. They usually do not fly daily (except to
Las Vegas) and while they do post prices, these can and do change based upon volume. All
of the equipment we use are jets such as 727s, 767, and 737 aircraft. All the charters
operate on a scheduled basis, although the schedule may change seasonally.

Children as air passengers. This is very important! Children travelling alone are
subject to rules that are different depending upon their ages. The information herin is
general, you must check with your travel agent or airline for specifics. Unaccompanied
minors under age 5 may not be allowed on the aircraft. Unacconpanied minors ages 5-7 are
accepted for non-stop or direct (no change of plane) flights only. Unaccompanied minors
8-14 are accepted for all types of flights. Some companies charge a fee for unaccompanied
minors, payable at the airport at time of check-in. Some companies will not allow
unaccompanied minors on the last flight of the day, nor between 9:00pm and 5:00am.

Hotels do not pre assign room numbers. We can request a type (smoking etc) a floor, or a
view but this is not guaranteed until check in.

When you check in to the hotel, make sure they are aware of your request for special
services, they are usually busy and do not always have time to look for special requests.

Unless you say differently, we will always price the charter (if available), as it will
usually be the best deal.

We can book a special room such as a honeymoon suite, directly with the hotel, and
sometimes with the tour operator, although the tour company does not usually have the
same selection.

Wedding packages can be booked with us after the air/hotel package has been booked
and paid for.

We can usually hold a reservation for 24 hours without payment, only outside of 30 days
prior to scheduled departure. Inside 30 days most tour companies require full payment in
order to make a reservation.

Once a reservation has been confirmed by payment, cancellation may incur penalties up to
100 percent. In order to protect yourself from them you must buy trip cancellation
insurance. Some insurance only covers cancellation for illness of the passenger, parents,
siblings and children.

Prices are not guaranteed until full payment is received. While your reservation is
guaranteed with a deposit, it is possible that an increase in fare, taxes or other surcharges
could impact your final payment.

Most tour package vacations include round trip air, hotel, hotel taxes, services of a
representative at your destination and some offer fun books which contain discounts and
some free gifts.

Now lets talk about what you should do if your vacation goes bad! First, if you are still at
your destination, contact the hotel manager or the cabin attendant if aboard ship. If this
doesn't work, contact the local vendor representative. Usually, this will resolve the problem
before it ruins your vacation. If you feel that you need to bring a situation to the attention
of your travel agent, be brief and to the point. Telling the vendor that your coffee was not
hot enough will not help your cause. First, while it feels good to talk to your agent and get it
off your chest, it does no good in solving the problem. Write a letter to your agent detailing
the problem(s). Most good agents will place a cover letter over yours and send it to the
vendor concerned. Do Not expect an immediate response, in most cases resolution may
take up to 6 weeks. Ask the agent for a copy of the cover letter, and call occasionally so
they know you are interested. Do not address the letter to Whom It May Concern. Type
your letter, do not handwrite, and remember no profanity otherwise your letter will end up
in the trash.

We have been asked about the difference between the prices you may see advertised in the
newspaper and what is quoted by us or your own travel agent. No quoted prices contain all
the taxes and fees, unless it is stated so in the ad! Currently, items such as fuel surcharge,
segment tax and passenger facility charges are not included in the ad.

The prices we give you are available for the days you have requested, and are not
guaranteed until ticketed.

As new question are asked and answered we will add them to this page. Or if you have a special
question, e-mail us and we will get back to you.

For those of you wanting to travel we want to tell you about our trip on the 13th of September.
Our flight like many others was cancelled, but we asked about later flight availability and were
placed on a late PM flight. We arrived at the airport 3 hours early, checked in and went to eat not
knowing about food service. After dinner we found that our flight had been cancelled! We went
to the desk and were told to go to another terminal for an earlier flight, which we did. It took
about 10 minutes to change terminals and the plane was there when we arrived. After waiting
about 30 minutes for flight crew to arrive we left. Unfortunately, our baggage did not accompany
us! I won't deal with the baggage claim process here. On the return trip, we did arrive early, but
only stood in line a few minutes before a Skycap came and asked if we were making any
changes, we wern't and were moved into the terminal in about 5 minutes. After going through 3
checkpoints, and waiting for flight crew we came home. The moral of the story: Go early, expect
to wait, don't take anything that could be used as a weapon Do Not kid about hijacking, bombs or
anything even close. Then get on the plane and have a great trip.

We believe that flying is still the best way to travel and with the new security rules will be the
safest. God Bless America!

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