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When packing for a vacation, it is a good idea to spread out your clothing in different suitcases, instead of one suitcase for you, one for your spouse and so forth. If one of your bags gets lost during travel, packing this way will ensure that you have something to wear.

Blue Ribbon Bags service a service that tracks lost baggage with the promise of a swift return

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Most United customers who buy nonrefundable, domestic economy tickets will be charged $25 for checking a second bag under a new policy announced by the airline Feb. 4.2008

The free weight allowance for international
checked baggage will be 50 pounds (23 kilograms) per piece.
Currently, 70 pounds (32 kilograms) per piece is accepted. The
policy change provides a consistent weight limit between
domestic and international flights.

Travel Insurances

On Feb. 28, 2007, the airline lost luggage limit for domestic travelers will increase to $3,000. A warning to passengers that although the limit will increase, the amount of items the carriers will not pay for has been expanding over the years. Most carriers' contracts of carriage specifically exclude heirlooms, cash, electronic equipment, any work-related samples or items, antiques, computer equipment and related items, documents, film, fragile items, irreplaceable items, jewelry, keys, manuscripts, medication, paintings or one of a kind works of art, perishable items, pets/animals, photographs, photographic equipment, securities, silverware and watches. For information
visit Travel Law

The airline lost luggage limit on international trips that originate in countries that have not ratified the Montreal Convention, passengers remain under the rules of the Warsaw Convention and are limited to $9.07 per pound. Countries signatory to the Montreal Convention may obtain up to 1,000 SDRs per passenger. An SDR is an international currency equivalent set by the International Monetary Fund and is approximately $1.50 U.S. The SDR limit is expected to be reviewed every five years. For inforamtion visit Travel Law

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