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Disney Parks
Disney World says its new pricing strategy provides more flexibility and could lead to more affordable visits.

The "Magic Your Way" program allows visitors to buy a base ticket for one-day admission to a single theme park while choosing their length of stay.

Guests can then add on options including the famous "hopper" pass to allow entry into several of the Disney parks.

That low price will be available 40 weeks of the year

Attractions, special kid's menus, character dining, children's programs, length-of-stay stroller rental at the theme parks, plus kiddie pools, play areas and in-room babysitting at Disney resort hotels were all created for children five years and younger easier then ever at Disney theme parks in Florida and California with young guests in mind.

"There are a few things that you cannot do when you are in this land of happiness," the site says. For example:

- In the 1960s, men with long flowing hair were politely escorted out of the premises. "At the same time, the staff in Disneyland was not allowed to have any facial hair until the beginning of this millennium," the site says. Mustaches are now allowed but not beards.

- Another ban is on dressing up as Disney characters. "So if you are ten years and above, forget the Pluto costume that you were planning to bring along," says the site.

- And if you're a kid, forget about dining at Victoria & Albert's, the ritziest restaurant at Walt Disney World's Grand Floridian Spa and Resort in Orlando.

- Finally, the Orlando attraction does not sell gum so bring your own if that's to your taste.

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